28 September 2007


After a very long, inexcusable absence, Foliage is back! We'll (hopefully) be publishing quite a few more issues this year, so stay tuned!

Foliage Volume 2 Issue 1, Talk Like A Pirate Day!



The Other day Was




Talk Like a Pirate Day started in 2002, and has been gaining ground, or sea, shall we say, ever since. Join the rest of your pirate brethren as we celebrate and commemorate the golden age of piracy!

I. Basic Pirate Lingo

Ahoy!, interjection - A less formal, more pirate-y version of “'sup.”

Avast!, interj - An exclamation of surprise; “Avast! Look at all me homework!” Can also be used to th' attention of others; “Avast, ye scruvy dogs, we're sinking!”

Aye!, interj. - An affirmative; "Why yes, I agree most heartily with everything you just said or did."

Aye aye!, interj.- “Of course!” or “Right away Cap'n!”

Arrr!, interj.- A word for almost all occasions, ranging from swinging 'cross decks of an Indiaman, to announcing one's agreement to a toast made with completely non-alcoholic substances, as Foliage does not in any way shape or form encourage th' use, misuse, or enjoyment of rum.

Yarr!, interj. - See “Aye!

II. Advanced Pirate Speech

Booty, noun – Treasure. Gold. Gems. Whatever ye may covet, that be yer booty.

Blimey!, interj.- An exclamation of complete and utter surprise.

Briny Deep, noun – Th' Ocean. Can also be used to refer to th' gym hallways.

Bucko, noun – An affectionate term for a friend or companion; “me bucko”

Cutlass, noun – Th' traditional sword of a pirate. Has a curve to th' blade, to make it fit better betwixt one's teeth, or if said one hath no teeth, one's rotted, tobacco (another substance which Foliage really doesn't endorse!) stained gums.

Fair winds!, interj.- Goodbye! Good luck! Au revoir! Later, dude.

Handsomely, adverb – Quickly; “Handsomely, now, lads, or we'll all be feedin' th' fishies in Davy Jone's Locker come sunnup!”

Head, noun – Th' “facilities.” Th' privy. Th' loo.

Jack, noun – Th' flag.

Matey, noun – A common way fer th' Brether'n o' th' Sea t'address eac'other.

Give no quarter!, interj.- Do not accept surrender!

Rum, noun - A drink, th' drinking, gargling, or other manner of consumption which, again, we do not endorse.

Rum, adjective - Crazy.

Savvy?, interj.- Do you understand?

Swag, noun – Another of th' many terms for booty.

III. Tips on Gramer n' Prununsiashun

Most classical pirates were not extremely well-read, and, as such, did not have the most eloquent speech or the most perfect grammar. Since Talk Like A Pirate Day is all about emulating these classical pirates, you must pretend, for one day, that you have horrible grammar and atrocious language skills. Try switching subject and object pronouns, for a start. Drop “unneeded” (or unwanted) letters out of words, to be replaced with apostrophes. And finally, as a cardinal rule of talking like a pirate, always sound like you're drunk (but don't actually be drunk!).

Now that you have at least a basic understanding of pirate terminology, you too can go out and defeat global warming, just by being a pirate. However, this is by no means a full listing of all the words that pirates used (if it was, they would be limited to very brief, boring conversations). Remember that you are free to improvise your own Pirate-speak and lingo. Savvy?