28 July 2009

Foliage's New Home

I, the Foliage editor of three years, am to become the official school newspaper editor next year. This leaves me with a bit of a conundrum: do I continue Foliage, and risk ruining the reputation of both papers, not to mention myself, or do I discontinue one or the other?

Neither of those options particularly appeal to me, so, instead of finding someone else to do Foliage by their lonesome (I will recruit, though), I will incorporate Foliage into the official school paper as a semi-regular column seeking to improve the school through satire. This lends Foliage credibility and gives it a larger audience.

This column status may be only temporary. In fact, I fully expect - and hope - that Foliage will return to being a paper in its own right, with a new editor, after I am gone. On the other hand, it could be absolutely hilarious to see it become a regular part of the "officially sanctioned" AHS paper.

The revolution continues; we have achieved our goal of infiltrating the press, now we must strive to bring freedom of thought and freedom of being to the masses.