25 August 2008


First off, AHS Foliage has a new email, foliagespeaks@gmail.com. We were having technical problems with the old one, so if you want to contact the staff of AHS Foliage, leave a comment on this blog or send us an email at the aforementioned address.

Secondly, a new issue of Foliage is out and about at AHS and will be up on the blog shortly. The General Secretary has also made the arbitrary decision to post PDFs or JPGs of the issues because they're just so darn purty in print and so ugly in hypertext.

Expect to see the new issue (which is leading up to the next "big" issue on Privacy, which should be out in a month or so, before the election) up here within the week. Also a reminder that you can subscribe to our RSS feed by clicking the link at the bottom of the right-hand column.